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Dementia Friendly Mobile

Dementia Friendly Mobile is creating a culture where people living with dementia and their care partners feel respected, supported and included in every day community life.


Dementia Friendly Mobile

Dementia Friendly Mobile

Join us!

Join us!

Dementia Friendly Alabama Comes to South Alabama

Project manager, Beth Reinert, is leading the way for the Mobile area to become dementia friendly.  Through funding provided by the Alabama Dementia Friendly Project, and in partnership with the Area Agency on Aging and Dementia Friendly America, dementia friendly principles will be offered to the faith communities in South Alabama. 

Ultimately, the goal is to create a culture where those living with dementia and their care partners feel respected, supported and included in everyday community life.  Every part of the community has a role to play. 

Ms. Reinert says, “Caregivers and people with dementia tend to become isolated in their homes, and withdraw from their usual activities due to the disease progression, the stigma associated with dementia, and embarrassment due to the lack of understanding from the general public, previous social interactions, friends, and family.” She understands this first hand as she cared for several family members who had Alzheimer’s disease.

According to Dementia Friendly America, “Dementia friendly faith communities can provide an important spiritual respite.  As welcoming, compassionate environments, they offer families with dementia opportunities for meaningful engagement and spiritual connection. Through dementia friendly practices, entire faith communities can embrace and uplift people with dementia and their care partners.” (Reproduced from ACT on Alzheimer's® developed tools and resources).

Ms. Reinert is targeting the faith communities but hopes to move into other sectors in the future.  Anyone interested in having her visit a faith community to prepare the staff to recognize the signs of dementia, offer effective communication skills, become sensitive to caregiver stress and provide support is encouraged to contact her. More information may be found at the Dementia Friendly Mobile Facebook page.